SIMPLe is a model and a model is not alway right.

A model is nothing without the people that use it. It is just an idea of someone. When using “anything” it might be used wrongly interpreted, create misunderstandings, maybe even have the opposite results from what you have expected.

Based on our experience about the world we understand a model in different ways. Also in ways that will cause a negative result, a local optimisation of an organisation instead of a long term sustainable effect. I can not avoid this and I believe that the benefits of using SIMPLe are greater (because it brings people together) than the risk of being used wrongly. This view of mine might change over time, but I will keep you posted.

Please look at the values and principles. SIMPLe is mainly about co-design and co-creation of a change.

SIMPLe talks about simplicity, but things out there are not always simple. Some would argue not to use SIMPLe as a 2D Matrix to categorise things. I would argue the same, because this is not its intention and usually leads to over simplifying things. On the other side if it helps you for a given moment to structure your thoughts just use it this way, because several aspects of a transformation can be complex or complicated or simple at the same time.

People need sometimes things to be explained in a simple way, especially when there are trapped in the world of an apparent manageable change. Nevertheless remember not to stay there, but to extend the train of thoughts to something more holistic than a 2D representation of a situation.

Try to avoid to use simple with small groups (or less diverse groups such as a small management team).

Do not rely on the results of a SIMPLe Workshop if you do not intend to do this regularly e.g. in 2-3 weeks intervals. You will be most probably creating new mid- and long term action plans (which most probably will cause much more pain than small failures and learning after a period of 2-3 weeks).

The SIMPLe aspects are not categories and they are not work streams to split actions and work. They are different aspects that you should consider when reflecting. That means: When defining a possible resolution for the next 2-3 weeks try to impact all SIMPLe aspects. Avoid defining an action that impacts only one SIMPLe aspect.